Redefining Your Personal Truth


Pregnancy comes with many changes including, hormonal, physical, physiological and of course all of these factors affect your emotional awareness.  I am now 35 weeks pregnant today and I can tell you that pregnancy has sent me on quite an interesting journey.  In the beginning I completely gave up control of my emotions and gave in to the idea that I no longer could control my emotions or thoughts.  After all I have learned and studied, this concept seems silly, but when your body is going through so many changes it becomes even more difficult to maintain your emotional awareness.  If you believe it is more difficult.  It also becomes the most important time to remind yourself of everything you know to be your personal truth.

Being the oldest child of five children I was confident in my ability to be a wonderful mother, but I was in no way prepared for the struggles of pregnancy.  By struggles, I speak more of my emotional and mental state than anything else.  Prior to pregnancy I considered myself a very aware being who was on a path of enlightenment and often complimented on my positive outlook.  That started to change when I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant and I let hormones grab ahold of my thoughts.

My emotions were all over the place, I was angry for no reason and completely unaware of how I was projecting that on to my loved ones (mainly my significant other), I was exhausted, and to put it simply I was just a negatively charged mess.  I adopted the thought that I no longer could control anything at all, let alone my own thoughts or emotions.  I resorted back to old societal negative programming and focused on everything I knew I did NOT want.  Although my boyfriend tried to tell me what a negative person I was becoming, I chose not to see it and continued my journey down the rabbit hole of negative frequencies.  You cannot make someone see what they are not ready to become aware of.

Fast forward to realizing I had become quite the negative nancy and by the law of attraction was thereby creating my own misery and dragging my loved ones along for the emotional ride.  My boyfriend and I decided to take a huge chance in moving 1800 miles across the country from South Carolina to Arizona where we only knew one person and not much about the environment we were moving into.

I can quite honestly say that upon moving to Arizona with whatever we could pack in our car, a 70 lb boxer and big screen TV, there wasn’t a whole lot of positive energy being thrown our way.  Our families were filled with fear and doubt and honestly given the situation I couldn’t blame them.  We were determined to show everyone and more importantly ourselves that our intuition was leading us down the right path as so many things pointed to us going there.

So we left emotional distress and a sea of debt that seemed endless and surrounded by dead ends to completely start over and put all of our faith in the unknown to live with a friend I had not met in person the three years I knew her.


In only 3 months we both found good jobs and were surrounded by incredibly positive people.  I was making more money at my new serving job and my boyfriend got an incredible opportunity that started as temping for a company and is now leading him into a very promising career in a field he didn’t anticipate being involved with.  My car decided it was no longer safe to drive and the Universe again provided us with the opportunity to get a new vehicle at the very moment we needed one.

Even though someone we were living with was trying to pull us into their negativity we kept moving forward in light and love.  We had already seen what giving in to negative energy does to our lives and we had a little girl to prepare for.  We landed an apartment that is beautiful and exactly what we could afford.  We became a part of a community who helped us furnish our apartment then making it into a home.  Can you imagine all of this happening in only 3 months and feeling anything other than purely blessed???


The moment I stopped focusing on what I did NOT want and started meditating and writing about what I DID want is the moment our frequency changed and the progress we’ve made is proof of that.  Our energies became a powerhouse once again as they aligned on the same frequency and I can’t tell you how blessed I am to have someone in my life I connect with like that.

It’s funny to think about how we were able to accomplish all of this, how the money came flowing to us at the right moments, the opportunities and doors that opened at the most perfect moment, but it is not my job to analyze or worry about the “how”.  It is only important for me to focus on believing it is possible and letting the rest come into existence on its own.  If I focused on the “how” then I would be limiting endless possibilities that I was not even aware existed.  Over and over I find myself referencing this lesson in my life.  Constantly reminding myself that the “how” is not my responsibility because it is one of the biggest ideas that society taught me….to worry and overanalyze the “how” of everything.

It is through the struggle and obstacles we have faced that it is most difficult to remain aware and it becomes the most important time to remind yourself of everything you know to be your personal truth.  Many times I have felt lost and wondered how I would overcome obstacles instead of seeing the purpose of their existence.  A friend once told me you do not overcome obstacles, “The obstacle is usually the path.  You need to invite it in for a conversation rather than see it as an obstacle you want to overcome.”


Doubt and fear are two emotions most common in pregnancy.  They are linked to the most common fear among most people, the fear of the unknown and trust me when I say pregnancy is full of the unknown.  These  negative frequencies will destroy you if you let them, but you always have the choice to consciously change your frequency.  My journey through my first pregnancy has taught me so much that I already knew to be my personal truth, yet had chosen to lose belief in.  It has been one of the most difficult things I have experienced in regards to my emotional awareness.  It has once again shown me that you can completely transform your life by changing your thoughts and emotional frequency, for the better or for the worst.   No matter how lost you may feel, remind yourself of the light because it is always there.  You must choose to see it and do things that help it to grow in strength.


I have come to the realization that pregnancy is much like life itself.  There will always be outside influences and factors that you cannot control, but one thing will always remain the constant variable.  You always have conscious choice and it is up to you to view what is happening as something happening TO you or FOR you.  Essentially choosing to be the victim or the heroine of your own story.  Giving up may seem like the easier choice in the moment, but I promise it is the most detrimental to your well-being.  Everyone chooses to learn different lessons in their own way.  You can choose to learn through knowledge and wisdom or through fear and doubt.  Both are possible, but one requires much greater effort on your part and can be very draining to your energy.

In this case I chose to learn through fear and doubt and believe me when I tell you it was a much more turbulent and less enjoyable journey than had I chosen to learn through knowledge and wisdom.  However, there was a reason I chose to learn this way and it has had a more profound meaning as I will remember this journey for the rest of my life and I wouldn’t change a thing!

I am sharing this journey with you in hopes that it inspires you to find what it is that helps your light grow and shine brighter!  Surround yourself with positive and like minded people that enhance your positive frequency and you will be amazed at the life you can create!

In Light & Love 🙂

Jen Bogausch

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Your Energy and Emotional Awareness

I just finished reading a part of the book The Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awareness by Gary Zukav and Linda Francis and it has really got me thinking.


Your body is made of energy that is constantly in motion. Flowing in and out of different energy centers in your body, also known as the seven chakra centers. These energy centers, that make up your energy system, start at the top of your head and end at the bottom of your torso. You can correlate what kind of energy is leaving your energy system, by paying attention to physical sensations in the body.

For example, how do you physically feel when you’re worried about something?

You may notice that when you’re feeling worried and thinking thoughts of worry, you may feel queasy or pain in your stomach. This is signaling that your energy is leaving that energy center (solar plexus) in fear and doubt, a negative frequency of energy.

Have you ever noticed that when you are having a difficult time communicating with someone, having trouble wording things the way you mean them, or maybe you don’t understand their perspective, that you may feel a tightness in your throat?


Any time you feel bad, negative energy is leaving your energy system through fear and doubt. When positive energy is leaving your energy system through love and trust, you feel good, your body feels relaxed.

This all means that your thoughts directly correlate to your emotions, therefore directly correlating to physical sensations in the body. And I know what you’re thinking. When someone has an illness, are you saying they created that? And in some cases, the answer to that is yes. Now bare with me here.

Compare your body to a vehicle. There are instruments that constantly tell you how well your vehicle is operating. These instruments are constantly taking readings whether you choose to look at them or not.

Your fuel gauge informs you of the fuel level of your vehicle. What happens if you choose to not look at the fuel gauge when it was indicating the fuel was low?

You run out of gas. The purpose of having the fuel gauge was to prevent the vehicle from running out of gas, but if you choose to not look at the gauge, you miss the warning, thus causing the problem to worsen.

You may not have consciously intended to create an illness, but when your not emotionally aware, you may have missed the physical warning signs that were signaling a malfunction in how your body was operating.

For example, have you ever thought about how your body was physically functioning prior to getting a cold? Were you eating proper nutrition, were you feeling stressed out, were you getting enough sleep? Did your throat start to hurt prior to getting sick?


The smallest physical sign is there to warn you that there is a problem and if this problem is not addressed, the condition will worsen. Unfortunately the small signs are the ones most commonly missed.

The same applies to any situation in your life. Are you having a problem communicating with someone you care about? What physical sensations do you feel when you talk to them? Where do you feel the sensation?

If you become aware of a tightness in your throat, that is your emotions sending you a painful physical signal that something is wrong and it needs to be addressed. Does this mean it will develop into an illness, not necessarily, but it does mean your relationship with this person may continue to suffer if you do not find a way to effectively communicate.


Let me state that I am not saying that all illnesses are created this way, some are unfortunate to be born with them. However I do believe that with an increased emotional awareness, many illnesses can be prevented or managed to provide a more positive quality of life by simply paying attention. Truly paying attention to your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations and asking yourself how they correlate.

The same is true for life in general. You can create a more positive and fulfilling life by becoming more emotionally aware.

One way to increase emotional awareness is to perform what is called “The Scan.” You begin doing this by consciously scanning your body from the top of your head to the bottom of your torso. Ask yourself what you are feeling in each part of your body.

This may take practice so if you don’t feel something in one area, move to the next area, and repeat this process. Pay particular attention to what you feel in the vicinity of each center (head, throat, chest, stomach).

Start by doing this once a day and increase to scanning your body up to three times a day, every day. The goal is that once this becomes a habit, you will become more aware of your emotions by being able to scan for them continually no matter what you are doing.

I have started practicing this at least once a day while I meditate and it has begun to make a difference in my emotional awareness and my life.

I hope you found my words to be helpful and stimulating as I have found this knowledge to be for myself.

In Light & Love❤️


Jen Bogausch


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Shifting Focus

It is so often that when things turn negative we fail to see the lesson in it. The more you resist, the more blind you become. It creates this whole perpetual cycle of the Universe repeating the lesson over and over in an effort to give you endless opportunities to choose differently.

When you are presented with a lesson you have two choices. You can choose to change the way you look, choose to learn, grow and move on.

Or you can choose to ignore the lesson thus choosing to repeat the negative cycle.

I have found myself trapped in a negative cycle, choosing to become more and more blind as to the lesson I was being taught. The more I tried to understand, the more I missed it until I became so unaware and lost.

One day I decided to go back to the beginning when everything changed. I introduced my boyfriend to the movie The Secret. It was then that I made a choice. To practice what I used to practice because it had worked then, it should work now, right?

I shifted my thoughts to what I DO want instead of my focus being on everything I DO NOT want. I started with making a list of everything I’m grateful for, visualizing, and meditating daily. All things that used to be part of my unconscious routine.

As I sat there making my first list of gratitude, it hit me! Like that feeling you get when a word is on the tip of your tongue and you finally think of it. The lesson was so simple, how could I have missed it?

The lesson was BE GRATEFUL! I found myself writing a list over 3 pages long full of things I had never truly felt grateful for until now. It poured from my soul like the rain falls from the sky after a long drought.

I laughed as I realized the meaning of the lesson as I chose to acknowledge its simplicity and kept spilling gratitude onto my paper.

It is never about the destination, but always about the journey. Where you choose to go on that journey is entirely up to you. I realized in that moment that during my hormonal transitional roller coaster of pregnancy, I had given up. So that when my hormones finally leveled, I didn’t notice because I just stopped trying. I allowed myself to go so deep into negative energy that I became unaware and ultimately lost. I chose to believe I had no control, but the truth is what happens in your life isn’t happening TO you, it is happening FOR you!

What you think about most, you bring about! So focus on what you want in your life. Stop focusing on how it will manifest, that will come!

The important thing to remember is you always have a choice and it all begins with feeling grateful each and every day! When you focus on what makes you feel bad you will attract more things that make you feel bad and that’s exactly what I was doing. Feel good and you will attract more things that make you feel good. I did this before and I will do it again!

Feel good, be grateful and do things that enhance those positive feelings! This is the secret to an amazing life you could only dream of, choose to live it instead and do it on purpose 🙂

❤️In Light & Love


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Trust in the Wind

It feels like it’s been too long since I’ve written anything. Sometimes you allow life to swallow you whole and give up control of your energy just trying to survive another moment. What a horrible thing to say, but what an amazingly real thing to admit.

After all, we are human and are entitled to falling off every once in a while. It takes a lot of practice to live consciously and it will never be perfected. It will only improve as you grow.

I’ve felt very lost the past few months, trying to find the light that would pull me out of the darkness. Fighting my way out of a struggle that seemed to never end. Like being in a dark tunnel with a candle that just won’t stay lit. That’s when it hit me. Sometimes you must stop fighting against the wind and go where the wind does.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results. It was in that moment of clarity, that defining moment of feeling utterly defeated, crying, breathless, 4 months pregnant, that I remembered I have a choice, as we all have a choice. So I chose to stop resisting! I said I don’t want to do this anymore and Ethan looked at me and said, “Then let’s go to Arizona. ”

And that is precisely what we are doing. Traveling over 1800 miles from South Carolina to Arizona to stay with a dear friend who offered us an amazing opportunity. Now I know what you’re thinking. I’m crazy! That’s a huge move and it totally is, but I’m trusting in the wind. We’ve felt pulled to Arizona for months and the more we fought the urge to go, the more things kept not working in South Carolina until we literally were on the border of losing everything.

I don’t believe in irony because everything in life happens for a reason. It is not our job to understand it, but be at peace that there is Always a reason and trust in the unknown instead of fearing it. As soon as I trusted in following my intuition, that “gut feeling” we all have, the more things fell into place to make this move entirely possible and affordable.

For the first time in months, I feel my energy strengthening, I feel my inner light glowing in agreement to me finding, as always, the path I’m meant to take. It is often during the biggest struggle in which you feel the most lost, where you will once again find your true self, your authentic self. I’ve learned to question everything and trust in my ability to hear the answers.

Big risks can bring the greatest rewards and in my experience it is always worth it. There is always much to be gained. So don’t worry about the judgement of others. There will always be people who don’t agree with you. What others think of you is none of your business. Do the best you can and trust in yourself. Remember, You are perfect just the way you are, in every way. Perfectly imperfect 🙂

In Light & Love❤️



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Put your thoughts on positive repeat!

I watched a video this morning by Sagi Kalev, a Clinical Nutritionist, about how your thoughts affect your body and ultimately your life.  This really got me thinking.  I remember a point in my life over a year ago where I felt so stuck.  I was swimming in thoughts of negativity.  But how could this be when I had made such progress in my growth?  I had manifested amazing things and changed my way of thinking completely.  I just couldn’t seem to pull myself out of negative thinking about one area of my life.

I wanted to attract something into my life, to manifest it.  But I just didn’t believe it was possible.  Every time I tried to change this negative thought into a positive one, I kept thinking it’s just not possible or it’s a crazy thought.

This stemmed from a long conditioned belief that you have to struggle to make enough money.  The conditioned belief that you must survive in life instead of thrive when it comes to money.  Now, I don’t believe that money should hold such an importance, but the fact of the matter is we need it to live in today’s society.  So I asked a dear friend of mine for advice.  It was some of the best advice I’ve been given and this video reminded me of it.

She said, you say it over and over and over.  As you continue repeating it to yourself, eventually you will start to believe it and make it happen.  Skeptical, I tried this.  Over and over I said to myself, “Money is easy to come by and I have more than enough.”  Slowly, my belief about money started to change.

I then found myself almost matching my salary (at my previous job managing at Sherwin Williams) at a job where I worked only 28 hours per week versus 44 hours per week.  I also drastically reduced my stress level.

Now some of you may be thinking well, where are you now?  And the answer is simple.  I’m exactly where my thoughts have led me.  It’s easier said than done and it’s easy to let life grab a hold of you.  To give up control and succumb to the chaos that negative thoughts of worry and doubt create.  Especially when you let stress and exhaustion creep inside your mind.  It feeds your negative thoughts like fuel feeds a fire until it completely engulfs your entire being.  It is human nature to not be perfect or as I like to say, to be perfectly imperfect.

But you always have the power of choice to change it.  Sometimes we just need a reminder of the power and magnitude of the light within us.  My hopes in writing this is to spread the light and empower you.

To stand up and start creating exactly what you deserve.  To stop beating yourself up when you let life gain control and do whatever you must to remind yourself you can take back the reins. But also to remind myself that I’ve come too far to ever let myself stay lost in thinking otherwise.  I hope this brightens your Monday as it has mine 🙂

If you would like to watch the video that inspired this today, please click the following link and ask yourself if you’re ready to try the 1 week negative thought diet 🙂

In Light & Love

Jen Bogausch


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Use Knowledge, Don’t let it use You

We all take in new information every day and whether it be conscious or subconscious, we choose to either accept or not accept that information as our own Personal Truth.  This is how we form our beliefs, through making a choice to believe or not believe.  Some take this statement and make it into a logical debate, but with this I challenge you to think outside the box.  Think outside of everything you have been taught to accept.  I have learned things that have changed my beliefs because I chose to change them.  I accept what serves me and let go of the beliefs that no longer serve me.

I’m not talking about choosing to believe a cat is a dog, but beliefs that are much bigger.  Beliefs that shape who we choose to be in this human form and how we choose to live our lives.  Still to this day, I struggle in some situations.  Caught between what I was conditioned to believe growing up and what I know to be truth through the knowledge I’ve gained.  Not just through studying and reading, but through applying that knowledge to my experiences in life.

When you say you know something, but then choose not to practice/use that knowledge in your choices, I believe it is to say you don’t truly know or understand that knowledge.  How can you say you know something, if you choose to ignore it?  You are letting the knowledge use you.  For example: I have learned through words of wisdom that forgiveness is for You and not for the other person.  I don’t believe that because I read it somewhere, but I used that knowledge and evaluated how I feel when I choose negative versus positive thoughts/emotions.

When I hold on to anger, I feel bad.  When I forgive, I feel good.  It really is that simple.  So this is why I formed the belief that forgiveness sets You free and holding on to anger hurts ME more than it hurts anyone else.  However, sometimes I struggle with the conditioned belief that someone doesn’t deserve my forgiveness.  I have to remind myself.  If I choose to not forgive, I am thus choosing to feel bad.  This means that I am responsible for how I feel and blame can not be placed on another person for “making me feel that way”.  This is called accepting personal responsibility, for everything in your life because your life is not a product of what happens to you, it is a product of how you react to what happens to you.  Your reaction is 100% your choice.  So although you feel a person does not deserve your forgiveness, you have to keep reinforcing that You deserve forgiveness and the freedom that comes from letting go.

This was a hard concept for me to accept until I was truly ready to be honest with myself and live consciously aware.  Sometimes it’s easier to be honest with other people than it is to be honest with yourself.  We like to make excuses for ourselves, play the victim, and give ourselves freedom to rationalize why we feel what we feel or why we make certain decisions.  It is so much easier, we think at times, to blame others than to take responsibility for our current situation or our own feelings.  I still find myself having days where I’m aware I’m choosing to feel bad by holding on to negative feelings, but I do it for a little while anyways.  I can be honest about that because I’m not perfect.  Even with all that I have learned, every day presents a new challenge and I’m still practicing.  I will never stop growing/practicing and this keeps me humble and my feet on the ground as a human being.

It is with this honesty with myself that I am able to choose to let go after allowing myself to be human.  To choose to let go of my conditioned belief and choose what I know I really believe in.  To choose my own Personal Truth.  It’s like constantly being faced with a fork in the road, in which you have to make a choice in which direction to go.  The beauty of this is that you always have the choice to turn around.  You always have ability to consciously choose to travel down a different path than the one you’ve already chosen.


Over my journey to this point, I’ve collected so many quotes that have developed stronger meaning throughout my life.  One of those quotes I first heard in my first 2 years of college about 7 years ago.  “Every day and in Every way I’m becoming better, better and better.” -French Psychologist Emile Coue.   This quote is hanging on my Vision Board among other quotes I’ve collected.  It resurfaced last night in a Creative Visualization webinar with Lisa Nichols and Vishen Lakhiani.  This experience created even more meaning in these words for me.  I choose to be better every single day.  Not in hopes of reaching some grand destination, but because I believe my journey is never-ending.  My journey is limitless and so are the possibilities.  As long as I continue believing that, I can create everything I’ve ever wanted in my life.

Choosing to live in the present moment and no longer focusing on reaching a certain point allows me to enjoy every part of my life.  To fully immerse myself in what’s happening now because what happens now will help shape your future.  The more you choose to live in the future, or in the past, the more you miss what’s happening now.  I don’t know about you, but when my soul leaves my human form, I want to reflect on this life and say I was present in each moment and enjoyed every bit of it.  The good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

So when you have those moments of confusion, fear or doubt, remember to believe in yourself.  Reflect on everything you’ve learned and Use that knowledge to create your own Personal Truth.  Take back the power you hold to be the Michelangelo of your life 🙂

As always….Until next time,

In Light & Love ❤

Jennifer Bogausch

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Do your Attachments Serve You?


A year ago, I read a book called The Five Levels of Attachment by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. and I read this book at the exact moment I was meant to.  Any moment sooner and I might have missed the very important lesson I was about to learn.  This lesson I would carry with me for the rest of my life.  I remember reading a quote, “Are you Using Knowledge or is Knowledge Using You?”, and thinking….what does that even mean?  As I continued reading, I slowly began to awaken from what felt like a long slumber as my awareness grew.  I had several moments where I would say aloud to myself, “It all makes perfect sense”, as I related the knowledge to the events in my life.  I was no longer asleep.

As children, we learn from everyone we come into contact with and we choose to agree with these beliefs because it is all we know.  If everyone else believes it is truth, then it must be truth.  We attach ourselves to this knowledge and agree with it because we aren’t yet aware that we have a choice to disagree or believe differently.  While reading through this book, I started to evaluate and question every belief I had ever learned.  I asked myself if each belief served me in a positive way.  If the answer was yes, I continued to remain attached to the belief and agree with it.  However, if the answer was no and it negatively impacted my life or well-being, I made the conscious choice to release my attachment to the belief.

This was an important lesson for me to learn because it has transformed my life.  It really has helped sort out my thoughts and emotions because as I said before, human beings are the only mammal able to choose our own thoughts.  This means that no person or thing can “make” you feel a certain way, there is always a choice.  I use this knowledge most often when I’m feeling negative emotions as those are the most challenging to sort through.  Holding on to negative emotions are powerful and can attract more negative energy into your life.

So whenever you start to feel angry, resentful, upset, jealous, or whatever the negative emotion is, ask yourself one question!  Why do I feel this way?  Be honest with yourself. You may be extremely surprised at your answer.  I know I was, and to this day I still am. There are often times I’ve gotten upset about something and asked myself why do you feel this way?  As I replay my answer in my head I think to myself, more often than not…..well that is just silly.  It was incredible to me when I started to see that my negative thoughts held no validity or substance.  They were completely irrational.  I was choosing to be upset or angry for a reason that seemed so small in the grand scheme of my life.  Once you become aware of your ability to consciously choose, the choice becomes easier with practice to let go of attachments that no longer serve you.

Many people choose to regret choices they have made in their life or experiences they have had.  I used to be one of those people until I finally understood what Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. meant by posing the question, “Are you Using Knowledge or is Knowledge Using You?”  I choose to not blame my life on anyone or any event in my life because I do not believe that what happens to you shapes your life or who you are.  When something happens To You, I believe it is happening For You.  You are presented with a choice to become aware of the lesson you’ve been shown and learn from it.  You may also choose to resist the lesson.  When you resist learning an important lesson from an experience the lesson will continue to present itself to you until you choose to learn from it.  This may occur differently each time until you choose to see the blessing in disguise.

I am a product of experiences where I have endured pain and suffering, but much of the suffering in my own life I have created myself.  The moment I realized this was not an easy one.  To hold myself personally responsible for my happiness in life or lack there of was a hard thought to accept.  It is this self acceptance to hold myself personally responsible for my life that taught me the importance of self love.  The choice to live every day making the conscious choice to live in love and light is one I try my best to abide by each day.

So I no longer live with regret because I choose to learn and grow.  I believe that in every negative, a positive can be found.  You must choose to see it for what it truly is and not allow yourself to be blinded by the mask the lesson hides behind.  And remember, this applies to how you feel towards others as well.  Forgive others for their mistakes and forgive yourself for your own.  Do this by choosing to see the lesson presented to you and use this knowledge to positively transform your life.  Choose to become a better and happier version of You!

If you’re interested in learning more about attachments, I encourage you to read The Five Levels of Attachment written by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.  Until next time, as always!


In Love & Light 🙂

Jennifer Bogausch


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